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About White Log Homes

The White family has been producing wood products since 1912. Our 111 years producing wood-related products enables us to craft the finest log homes available.

White Log Homes is dedicated to bringing your deepest desires to reality.


It all started in 1912 when John M. White (left above) founded his first sawmill. Little did he know at the time, he was beginning a legacy that would last through the ages. He was a prudent entrepreneur, and his discipline in business gave him the reputation for being reliable and fair. When the time came, he handed the business down to his son Clarence A. White (right above). Clarence was an entrepreneur, too. After all, it was in his blood. He took that sawmill and grew the business into an operation that included eight sawmills. We have been fortunate enough to have preserved one of Clarence's original saw blades that has been turned into a sign for White Log Homes.

Recognized Leaders in Lumber

Clarence’s son, Raymond White, shared his passion for excellence and entrepreneurship. A brilliant man, he had developed an automated lumber grading and sorting operation that was one of 3 on the entire East coast at that time. It’s still famous by some standards and is something you can see when you visit our office. Raymond had an insight for business and politics that was profound, and he carried the White Lumber name to heights that had not yet been known. White Lumber was becoming a recognized national leader in having the highest quality standards, products, and manufacturing processes.


Raymond’s son, George, soaked it all in. He watched as his father, Raymond, became a world leader in selling high quality lumber. George was innovative. When he was old enough, he decided to take his lumber instincts in a new direction – to create log homes. Carrying the experience of his heritage, he created a state of the art manufacturing facility that is still able to create a precision product. White Log Homes was born.

By creating a high quality product and taking care of his customers, George created a company with a reputation for being the best in the business. White Log Homes was becoming a leader in the log home industry. Today, White Log Homes has manufactured thousands of log homes that can be found all across the United States - and, even across the world.

Continuing the Legacy

The grain is strong in this family. When Ross, George’s son, had come of age, he had already mastered many of the secrets of the trade, and more, just by being around it his entire life. He now lives in a custom log home that was designed, manufactured, and built by Ross and his Dad. If you visit us, you’ll be able to tour his home. It’s a truly beautiful log home that is a great example of the warmth and craftsmanship of a White Log Home.

The Bottom Line

We’ve got the experience, the tools, and an efficient manufacturing process that will make purchasing a White Log Home something you will enjoy and remember for the rest of your life.