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Plans and Pricing

Putting the vision of your White Log Home down on paper is the first step to realizing your dream home. Together, we will discuss the requirements for your home and create a custom log home design. There are many factors to consider when developing your custom floor plan which we will walk you through during this stage. Lifestyle Considerations Understanding how you will use your custom log home is imperative. Have a clear idea of your needs and the future of your log home. There will be a difference in needs for a retired couple and a young family, or whether the log home will be a weekend retreat or a full time residence. Discuss your ideas with your family to better determine the kind of log home you will need to build. Define Your Style There are a lot of elements to choose from to when designing your White Log Home. Making a list of what elements you want to include will help you envision the final product, as well as, speed up the design process. An idea of considerations include:
  • Log Style
  • Corner Style
  • Square Footage
  • Number of Bedrooms
  • Number of Bathrooms
  • Single or Multiple Floors
  • Attached Garage
  • Timber Trusses
  • Loft Area
Explore Floor Plans There are a number of sources for finding floor plans, and we include several on this website; however, we build custom log homes and often adapt these plans to suit your particular needs. Use the floor plans to get an idea of what features you like, and then we will work with your ideas to create a custom log home that meets your vision. Sketching the plan. By creating a sketch of your home, we will be able to determine the overview of the design and estimate a cost. The more detailed the sketch, the more precise the estimate will be. Even minor changes to a custom design can cause significant changes to the estimate whether increasing or decreasing the final cost. Preliminary Plans. When the sketch of your custom log home design is completed and approved, we will use our CAD system to create the preliminary plans that include the first floor plan, the loft or second floor plan, and the exterior elevations. Because we use a CAD system, these plans will help you see the design of your White Log Home more clearly and, in some cases, can be used for financing or permitting. Often, there will still be adjustments made at this time. We will communicate with you through this period to be certain that the plan absolutely meets your vision. Approval of Preliminary Plans. When you are satisfied with any revisions are are certain that the plan includes all of the features you desire, White Log Homes will prepare a contract and accept your deposit. Though the preliminary plans are not the final construction plans, they are often useful for permitting and financing. Final Construction Plans. After you sign the contract and we have accepted your deposit, White Log Homes can begin creating the final construction plans. These plans include highly detailed CAD drawings of the subfloor, framing, ceilings, windows, doors, and the roof system, as well as, the numbered logs for each elevation that correlate to the pre-cut and drilled logs. Depending on your delivery date and the time of year, this process varies in the time it takes to complete. Approval and Order. Once completed, the final construction plans are printed and sent to the contractor so that he or she can begin to schedule the actual construction. Now your White Log Home will begin to be manufactured on our state of the art cut line. When finished with manufacturing, the logs and log elements are packaged in bundles, wrapped in plastic to prevent weather damage during delivery, and labeled on the bundle and the associated packing slip.