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Site Locations

Knowing where you are going to build is the first step in planning to build a log home. If you have not yet consider the land you will build on, you will want to talk with a broker in your area. If you are planning to build in an area unfamiliar to you, you should consider climate factors in that area. Climate factors include:
  • Average Snowfall
  • Rain Totals
  • Temperature Ranges
  • Daylight Hours
  • Wind Potential


Your broker will help you determine whether the land is permitted for a log home and ensure that it is suitable for building. If you have any questions regarding climate factors, your broker will also be a source for understanding these conditions.


It is in your interest to know what the land has been used for in previous years. You can discover the past 50 to 75 years of the land's history by visiting the Register of Deeds. Understanding how the land was used can help you determine the quality of the water supply or if the land was used as an informal local dump.

Know the Land

Visit the property. Walk the land. By knowing your land, you will be able to determine any factors that could effect the location and orientation of your home. For example, you can maximize natural sunlight, minimize wind issues, and fit your home to the landscape.

Surveys, Soils, Septic

Obtain a plot plan and a recent survey. With this information, you will know where the property boundaries are located and where any previous soil tests have been performed. Understanding your site as thoroughly as you can will only benefit the placement of your White Log Home.