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The White Log Home Advantage

The White family has been producing wood products since 1912. Our 111 years producing wood-related products enables us to craft the finest log homes available. White Log Homes is dedicated to bringing your deepest desires to reality.

What makes White Log Homes different?

We naturally Air Dry our logs

We are one of only a few log home companyies that allow our logs to Air Dry for years and allow the moisture to leave the wood naturally. The benefit of this is that when the logs are used for construction, they have already settled and are highly unlikley to have further warping or checking. This eliminates the need for thru-bolts and similar systems that only try to cover up the source of the problem. By using naturally air dried logs, you minimize common problems that arise later in the life of your log home caused by "hurry-dried" logs.

Over 111 years experience

An entire family legacy is behind each and every log home. Our knowledge of lumber ensures that your log home will be as stable as it is beautiful and remain that way throughout the life of your home.

White Log Homes is not a corporation

When you call us, you won't be talking to a salesman that is only looking for a commission - someone who doesn't really understand the product. You'll be talking directly with the owner of the company, George R. White. We build personal relationships with our clients that we carry throughout the course of the process and beyond - because you matter to us. Our family name is on the line, so we go above and beyond to provide you with the best knowledge and guidance that our experience affords us.

State of the Art Manufacturing Process

Our manufacturing process utilizes the best tools in the business. George has always understood that in order to achieve the best result, you need the best tools. Our cut-line is an efficient assembly line that ensures accurate cuts on each and every log.

Visit Our Office

For a first hand look at our manufacturing facility, among other historical treasures, please visit our office in East Waterford, PA.