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Materials Packages

We offer two materials package options: Weather Tight Materials Package and Finish Materials Package. Combine the two material packages for one of the most complete log home packages in the industry.

** Additional components required to construct a finished turnkey home include: electric, plumbing, cabinets, masonry foundations, floor coverings, stains, and labor.

Photo by Mike Stoner

Weather Tight Materials Package

Log Wall Package

Subfloor Package

Loft Package

Roof Package

Window & Door Package

Porch Package

Interior family room with railings and timber trusses.

Finish Materials Package

Interior Framing Material Package

Loft Finish Material Package

Interior Ceiling Finish Material Package

Interior Door Finish Material Package

Porch Finish Materials

Interior Wall Finish Material Package

Interior Trim FInish Material Package

Stair Finish Material Package

Deck Material Package